Echoes of Faith Collection:

The collection has a simple yet profound intention: to reintroduce and retell the timeless stories that form the bedrock of our cultural heritage. Each piece serves as a vessel for these narratives, weaving together threads of tradition and modernity.

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Made with Devotion

Each art piece embodies heritage, and every stitch signifies a step toward change to turn deep-rooted spirituality into a bold statement.

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Precision Crafted

Every piece is meticulously designed and tailored to ensure the highest quality and perfect fit.

Minimalist Collection

'MNT' Collection: Each piece is a canvas that carries the eternal spirit of our faith and the sanctity of traditions. Embrace the subtlety of tradition and elegance, making a profound statement in the most understated way.

Echoes Of Faith Collection

Each design represents our culture & heritage

A symbolic homage to the timeless tale of cosmic ocean churning, where challenges become catalysts for spiritual evolution. Just as the Mandara mountain served as the churning rod, representing our physical selves, and the Vasuki snake symbolised the obstacles we face, the jewels that emerged from the depths of the ocean symbolise the hidden virtues and qualities that lie within us, waiting to be unearthed through adversity.

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Step into the realm of ancient lore with our Kaliyug Oversized Bowling Shirt, a captivating vessel that transports you through the annals of time. As you envelop yourself in its embrace, the saga of King Parikshit and the Kali Demon unfolds before you, vivid and palpable.

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An exploration of self-realisation with our Atman Oversized Tee, a timeless testament to the sacred Mahavakya -  "Aham Brahmasmi." Delve into the depths of your being as you contemplate the eternal truth of Atman and Brahman, realising that you are not just a mere individual, but an intrinsic part of the cosmic consciousness.

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Representing the act of offering oneself completely to the divine, transcending the ego and embracing humility. It symbolises the union of the individual soul with the universal consciousness, a gesture of surrender to the higher power that guides and protects us on our spiritual journey

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A testament to the timeless battle between righteousness (Dharma) and discord (Adharma). At its core lies the timeless shloka from the Mahabharata - "यतो धर्मस्ततो जयः" - which encapsulates the invincible triumph of Dharma over Adharma, of virtue over vice.

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An exploration of consciousness and existence. Each patchwork represents not only the various forms of the Lord Shiva but also the intricate layers of our own consciousness.

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