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Atman Oversized Tee

Atman Oversized Tee

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Atman Oversized Tee: An exploration of self-realisation with our Atman Oversized Tee, a timeless testament to the sacred Mahavakya -  "Aham Brahmasmi." Delve into the depths of your being as you contemplate the eternal truth of Atman and Brahman, realising that you are not just a mere individual, but an intrinsic part of the cosmic consciousness.

"I" who once perceived myself as a wave, now recognise that I am the vast expanse of the ocean itself. Shedding the illusion of separateness, I realise that I am not merely an ornament, but the very essence of gold. Similarly, I transcend the confines of the pot to realise that I am the eternal clay from which all forms emerge.

A reminder of our fundamental reality, the eternal Brahman, whose consciousness manifests as the infinite diversity of the universe. As you adorn this garment, embrace the infinite existence-consciousness-bliss that resides within you, and awaken to the boundless potential of your true self.

100% cotton | 240GSM

Size chart

(Sizes in Inches)

  • XS: Chest-40, Length-27, Shoulder-18, Sleeve-7.5
  • S: Chest-41, Length-28, Shoulder-19, Sleeve-8.5
  • M: Chest-43, Length-29, Shoulder-20, Sleeve-9.5
  • L: Chest-45, Length-30, Shoulder-21, Sleeve-10.5
  • XL: Chest-47, Length-31, Shoulder-22, Sleeve-11.5
  • XXL:Chest-49, Length-32, Shoulder-23, Sleeve-12.5

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Wash & Care

Gently hand wash in cold water or dry-clean.

Dry inside-out to prevent colour fading.

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Design Philosophy

We believe that true style is eternal, deeply rooted in cultural heritage. Crafted to reconnect the modern soul with timeless wisdom.

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Uniting tradition and contemporary style to inspire spiritual connection.

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Made with Devotion

Each art piece embodies heritage, and every stitch signifies a step toward change to turn deep-rooted spirituality into a bold statement.